Tricks To Wake Up Early morning

It was a very kind gesture from one of my readers to point out that I go endless on the benefits of waking up early, but when will I actually scribble the ways to rise-early-from-the-sleep without cursing the world around.

For some it’s an extraterrestrial experience which they face once in a decade. And for many day-job guys waking up early means leaving their happy selves on bed and walking dead towards their work. Well, I also know people who set an alarm for 11 a.m.; can you beat that?

This post doesn’t directly deals with fitness, but it will surely help you to maintain a healthy routine. So here are some tricks on how to get up early in the morning:


This is my favourite trick, a little crazy but is worth giving a shot. Whisper to yourself why do want to get up early and ask the mind to wake you up. I can put my money on this trick (only if I had any). But believe me guys; you can reset your watch with the accuracy of this trick.

Remember those last nights before semester exams, when completely hacked-off by mugging you left the rest of syllabus (which infact was a pretty vast share of the whole) for next morning. And I know you never were able to get your head on that, because your body clock stabbed you in the back. You might have felt so betrayed. I am thankful to this habit to help me in those adverse conditions. Yes I did beat my sleep, but what I did with that time in my hand is a different story.

Well, this trick is not a magic, but what makes it so reliable is the psychological effect it creates. You motivate your mind with the reasons of waking up early; if it is a family breakfast you want or some exercise (FitIndya’s raison d’être) or anything you want to get up for can be your motivation.


It’s a very effective trick and the one which can also accommodate our excuses (Bas 5 minutes or, bas 2 minutes or). Set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes before the time that you are targeting. And don’t forget to keep the snooze on; it will make the alarm ring in every 5 minutes.

By the time you’ll reach your target time, your eyes would be wide open. If mornings are a serious issue for you, then go easy on yourself. Everyday you get up at 9 and then one fine night you decide to change your habit by getting up at 5, will only shatter your determination in the long run. Take it nice and slow, it has to be like that.

Gradual decrease in time is the best way to do it, and also add the 20 minutes time lag to your target.


The wisest thing to do in this case is to go to bed as early as you can. Try not to waste time in unnecessary things. Going to bed at midnight and waking up by the 1st light in the morning is never going to be a paradisiac experience. You will only find yourself drowned in caffeine for the rest of the day.

Finish things off early and in any case 90 minutes before bed pull the plug on electronic gadgets, like television, laptops, e-readers, etc. You can replace it with listening to light music, reading short stories, drawing or anything that soothes you.


Excitement to get up for things that you love could be of great help. So I suggest that before going to bed prepare for the next morning. Like say, you can get all your gym clothes ready, or if you are planning to work on your computer you can tidy your room and set things right. Believe me pre-programming can deliver instant success.

It will also make the next morning less complicated, unlike those mornings when you started your day figuring out things to address first.


Leave the curtains of your room half open. This will allow the mild rays of sun to tickle your body and you’ll wake up with zeal to start fresh. This trick will also set your body clock to accept your wake up time.

For people living in urban jungles, where even the mightiest of sunlight finds it difficult to penetrate, try morning walks. Get out in the open and breathe the fresh air. It will keep you active for the whole day. You can also go out in a neighbouring park and try out some cardio moves.

A well timed artificial bright light if it is cold, dark, and rainy outside could be another option.