Get drunk not fat- drink wisely

Get drunk not fat - 5 quick tips

Avoid salty snacks

Social drinking is not unhealthy but what goes with drinking is more unhealthy. This includes salted snacks such as peanuts and chips. To get the best benefits of alcohol (if there are any) avoid salty snacks on the side

Choose Wine

This may sound very sizzy to many men out there but drinking wine is still a better option compare to whiskey or rum. Its romantic yet does not do much harm to your fat loss goals. Plus it is considered to be good for your heart. So they say. 

Drink neat vodka

Drinking neat vodka is still a better option than adding sugary juices into it. Adding juices to your alcohol may lead to water retention especially around your face, which may take a few days to go. So drink neat on the rocks, only if you have to. 

Go with light color drinks

As a social drinker you should know that pure alcohol will always be more clearer. so stick to lighter colours. The darker the colour of your alcohol, the more processed it gets leaving you with a severe following day hangover. 

Drink for yourself - dont compete

Mostly in parties people start competing with each other in how much they can actually drink. This may appear to be fun initially but it turns into a night mare the next day with additional gain of extra weight and hangover. so as a thumbhole drink for yourself and enjoy the high.