Do these 5 crazy things for your six packs


You will hear and see many articles and videos,  telling you what to do to get your six packs. I am sure you would know the basics of avoiding too many carbs, eating little less than usual, and other predictable stuff which you have read and bored. Thats different you dont follow any of that but in this post i will tell you the other five things you can do to get your six packs, considering you cant eat clean.

1. Sleep for 8 hours- the best work out which burns maximum calories. 





2. Drink coffee after every meal – coffee is a great stimulant, increases your metabolism.








3. Take 5 grams isabhghol (laxative) in water after dinner – digestion will prevent bloating.







4. Do a full body work out routine- yes strength training. Cardio won’t do, time to hit the gym








5. Have sex ( no masturbation) 3-4 times a week (burns a lot of calories)  

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