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  • Where to buy genuine supplements from
  • Weight loss and calories

    Weight loss and calories

    The fitness world especially in India, is obsessed with the word “calories”. Go to a trainer, they will tell you to eat 2000 calories per day. Go to a doctor they will tell you don’t think too much about calories, just eat healthy. It’s all too confusing. The ironic thing about calorie is that everyone […]

  • 5 Best whey proteins in the Indian market

    5 Best whey proteins in the Indian market

    As much as we talk about diet and training but there is something about food supplements which takes most of our time. And we usually go by reviews and what others have to say. Which according to me is not a good idea when it comes to buying a food supplement. Our bodies are different […]

  • Six packs, a turn off for women

    Six packs, a turn off for women

    This is no surprise that every man especially Indian man is obsessed with six packs. If he doesn’t have six packs, he is either trying to get one, if he has one, he is trying to maintain that by starving himself. Somehow I fail to understand the six pack obsession. Agreed it is the gold […]

  • Don’t rely on weight loss products

    Don’t rely on weight loss products

    We Indians love shortcuts in life. A short cut to make quick money Finding a girl friend/wife/husband Finding a job This obsession for shortcut takes an extreme form in fitness, when we start spending thousands on weight loss products and surgeries with little or no luck. To make things worse for us we are exposed to […]